General English Courses

Course Features

 Students will progress at their own pace. We recommend at least 80% attendance and completion of all homework and self-study  recommendations.

Course Features

All students on our Intensive (core course +1 module) and Super Intensive (core course +2 modules) courses can personalise their   learning through the addition of specific modules. These modules allow students to study topics that best fit with their learning goals.   Below are just a few for you to think about:

Adult Groups

We can adapt a package specific to your needs. Ideal for groups of students who wish to improve their language skills and have a total    cultural experience. We run courses for a wide range of students, including teachers (TEFL), tourism industry professionals, equestrian students, agriculture students and groups of students seeking a course of cultural interest. Secondary and high school groups and groups of students preparing for Cambridge exams can also request a programme focussed on preparation or revision of   particular areas of interest. The content of the classes and visits can be discussed in advance to make a programme that is just right for   you. 

One to One Lessons

Our One-to-One English options can be completely tailor made according to your needs and objectives. This option is particularly   useful for students who have a very particular need or for students who wish to learn very intensively.
Ideal for students who wish to take the premium route to English success through personalised one-to-one tuition.
Content tailored to your needs – highly personalised tuition to help you succeed in your goals. Working with your own personal   teacher, you will identify the specific language areas and skills that you wish to improve and together create your own special   programme of learning.
Our teachers will provide suitable materials for the focus you have chosen.